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Instant Apps

Finally, Google’s instant apps have made their way to play store. For now are only limited apps for an instant run because of its initial rollout but soon we will see more developers in action. But what are Instant Apps? and how to get them on your phone.

Android Instant Apps Google IO 2016
Android Instant Apps Google IO 2016

What are Instant Apps?

Instant apps are next step to the app evolution. They are the solution that brings speed and immediacy of native apps with an ease of a web app. They look and operate in the similar way the native apps work but the magic part is you don’t have to download anything.

Do they live on my phone?

The answer is that they don’t lie on the phone its cloud-based and everything you do is online. It’s like loading a web page. Once you closed the window it’s gone. Isn’t this cool!

Let’s talk about limitation

The limitations depend on the developer like he can restrict some section of the app and will only available if you download the full version. Instant Apps don’t have any technical limitations like signup, videos purchasing just like any other regular app.

How to enable Instant apps?

Check out this article.

Do I need to be connected to the internet?

Yes, as mentioned earlier that Instant Apps are just like web pages so must have to connect to the internet.

Which phones can run them?

Google said all the phones that are running jelly bean and up will able to run instant apps. but some phone may not able to display them due to hardware restrictions.

How to find and run an Instant Apps?

Well, for now, you have to search it specifically. It’s actually kind of random. You can do google search, for example, to test it out, type NYT Crossword into the Chrome browser on your Android phone and tap on the result with the word “Instant” next to it. Open that link, and you’ll be taken to the New York Times Crossword app.

Which Instant Apps are available to try?

screemshot of instant apps available
screemshot of instant apps available

At launch, there are only limited apps to try, but more will be added:





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