Deal: Refurbished 2016 Pixel on sale for $319.99 and Pixel XL for $359.99

google pixel

What will you get in this deal

  • Refurbished versions of the original Google Pixel and Pixel XL currently on sale at deep discounts.
  • More discount if you add in promo-code “RICKPIXEL” for the original Pixel, and “RICKPIXELXL” for the Pixel XL.
  • All color and storage options are available at this time.
  • AC adapter and USB Type-C Cable are included
screenshot of checkout slip
refurbised pixel on sale

The original Google pixel and Google Pixel XL were released in october 2016 but still they are one of the the best smartphone and it get softwares updates fast. Now you can get the refurbished pixel on a solid discount at DailySteals. 

The site has listed the Pixel at $339.99 for the 32 GB model, but you can get it for just $319.99 if you add in the promo code “RICKPIXEL” . The 32 GB version of the Pixel XL is priced at $399.99, but applying the “RICKPIXELXL” discount code at check out chops off $40 from that price, down to just $359.99. Again, the same $40 discount is available for the 128 GB version, which is normally priced at $449.99 on the site, but with the discount code, the price goes down to just $409.99.



via: Android police

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