Google’s new camera is rising privacy concerns

Google Clips

Google’s new camera is now available. It is the camera that either will change parents and pet enthusiast’s life or it is a new privacy concern about the life we spend being recorded.

Or it could be both.

picture of google clips
google clips                                                                                                                                                                         source: Google

Google’s new camera is pocket sized and could be clipped almost anywhere in your house. Google said its new camera is designed to capture moments you normally wouldn’t be able to if you had to rush off to find your camera while something cute was happening in front of you.

It can recognizes faces of you and your family members or even your pets. Just clip it somewhere or place and it will start taking worthy picture using artificial intelligence. It make clips when it notices that there is worthy moment. we are sure about its features and don’t doubt on google’s effort in artificial intelligence.

The google’s new camera record snippets of video and allow user to look at the footage and choose the frame of their desire and turn into photo. Overtime users will have bunch of photos that would have otherwise passed unrecorded into the ether.

Google’s new camera and Creepy World

Now lets talk about the privacy concerns arising in this world where everything gets hacked due to google’s new camera. question were arose like Who has access to the photos? How do we know when the camera is recording? What will Google learn about me through this device?

Google’s Product manager Juston Payne said that product team was very concerned about privacy as they built this device.And, according to Payne as well as technology and privacy experts, Google was pretty thorough.

Google’s new camera is kind of device that has to be very strict in privacy.

Google said The Clips camera stores photos only on the device. They don’t go to the cloud. The camera doesn’t record audio, and it doesn’t continuously capture video. Google says the its new cameras do their job well when their focus area of about three-eight feet in front of them, but otherwise not so much, which means the devices aren’t likely to become an inadvertent stalking tool.

Juston Payne said

The really big investment we made on this is… all of the processing is on the device, It means the user is in total control of your data.


Even law experts are concerned about this, what if some clever hacker find a way to collect data stored in the device. This would be nightmare.

Google is very concerned with the privacy of its users and many experts are agreed. But its not all about google products. Now this kind of devices will be manufactured by other companies too so who knows if they will also take privacy seriously.

It seems like this the future of cameras mixed with artificial intelligence. Google’s new camera is out and now the sales will tell us how many people are into this.

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