The Play Store hit 19 billion downloads in Q4 2017 and taking lead over Apple Store

People are downloading more apps than ever. According to App Annie, the Google Play Store saw over 19 billion downloads in Q4 2017, with year-over-year growth at 10%. That’s around 145% more than the Apple App Store, which garnered around 7.7 billion downloads. That being said, the App Store still blew the Play Store away in terms of revenue.

According to App Annie

We rounded out 2017 with yet another quarter of record-breaking growth as Apple and Google continue to battle for app store supremacy.

Google Play’s Download Lead Was Largest Ever

In Q4 2017, worldwide downloads on Google Play exceeded 19 billion, its highest quarter ever, widening its lead over the iOS App Store to 145%. This number is particularly notable as it includes only new downloads and does not count re-installs or app updates.

Not surprisingly, emerging markets were a large driver of Google Play’s 10% year-over-year growth in total downloads. Specifically, India, Indonesia and Brazil were the top three countries for year-over-year market share growth. In fact, India surpass the US for combined iOS and Google Play downloads in 2017.

iOS App Store Consumer Spend Hits Record Levels

Both iOS and Google Play saw 20% year-over-year growth in worldwide consumer spend in Q4 2017. However, despite the Play Store’s much more significant download number, the App Store still saw 95% more in worldwide gross consumer spend in Q4.


Q4 2017 saw new records for the app economy which significantly contributed to a monumental 2017.

f you’d like to read more about app figures for 2017, you can download App Annie’s full 2017 Retrospective for free here.

Source: App Annie



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