Smartphones for Gamers, Razer Phone Full Review.

Razer smartphone

This year we have seen a lot of companies are building smartphones, some are new and some were not making smartphones before. Razer has bought nextbit;  a company who built nextbit Robin. Now recently Razor released its new phone named Razer Phone. Its main motive is to give the best experience for the mobile gamer.

Display with Ultramotion Technology

Smartphones for Gamers, Razer Phone Full Review

Source: Razerzone

Razer phone’s display is buttery smooth with the refresh rates up to 120 Hz. Which means there are no lags or shuttering. The display is vibrant and sharp but not as good as flagship smartphones because it is an IPS display. Otherwise, I have never seen this fluid display before in an Android smartphone.


Smartphones for Gamers, Razer Phone Full Review

Source: Razerzone

Razer calls it True-to-life cinematic audio. It is rocking front-facing speakers with Dolby ATMOS it gives a cinematic experience and sound really good. It also has hardware that is certified by THX which means audio on headphones is also great. We know that gamers want good audio and this phone has.

Camera, Battery, performance

It has a dual lens 12 megapixels camera with a 2x telephoto lens. A good camera but not the best.

Razer phone has 4000 mAH battery which is quite good. You can easily use your phone whole day without charging.

It is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with 8gb ram. Which means the performance is amazing and with 120Hz refresh rates display it’s mind-blowing.

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