Youtube Rewind 2017 Video

Youtube Rewind

As we know 2017 is ticking away, YouTube has posted its annual Rewind mashup for the year to recap the top videos, events, and more. This video contains features many hit moments and contains the largest amount of talent of any Rewind. The Google site has also revealed this year’s top 10 trending videos.

The Shape of 2017” features “nearly 300 creators, viral stars, musicians, and surprise guests” from over 20 countries. while YouTube has a trivia game to test your knowledge on the year’s most popular videos. Also check out this cool behind-the-scenes clip on the making of this year’s Rewind.

Meanwhile, YouTube today listed 2017’s top trending videos based on time spent watching, sharing, commenting, liking, and other factors. These top 10 videos have received 630 million views and have collectively been watched over 40 million hours.

Google notes that “this year’s list of top trending videos represents the unbelievable diversity of creativity shared on YouTube every day and around the world.”

YouTube also posted the top music videos of the year. and yeah, Despacito takes the top rank, becoming the most watched video ever earlier this year.

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